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Club Objectives:

The Aberfeldy Rugby Football Club (ARFC) is a not for profit association that was formed in 2015 by a small number of local individuals for the purpose of promoting the game of rugby in the surrounding area. The club encourages playing members of all ages to participate in the sport of rugby and the associated social events. The club also encourages non-playing members to join, to support the team and to enjoy the social aspects of membership. In addition to the benefits of participating in the sport of rugby, the club sees its role in community engagement as one of its key purposes.

The specific objectives of the club are set out in its constitution as follows:

Participation in the sport of rugby union, hereinafter referred to as the “sport”.

The organisation, management and development of the sport in Aberfeldy and surrounding district for all members of the club.

Membership of appropriate leagues for the purpose of establishing regular competitive play for the club’s representative teams.

The provision of training and playing facilities for its members.

Promoting and maintaining the highest standards of technical competence and safety in the sport.

Teaching and upholding the rules of the sport.

Providing equal opportunities for participation by all sections of the community.

Promoting and fostering within the club: sportsmanship, respect, fairness, self-confidence, friendship and fun.

Constitution and Governance

The club rules are set out within a documented constitution. This includes the appointment and duties of the Management Committee, the acceptance and rights of Members and the financial management arrangements.

An Annual General Meeting is held each year at which members are invited to consider and approve the annual accounts and to elect the key office bearers.

The affairs of the club are overseen by a Management Committee of not more than 12 elected members. The office bearers elected for the 12 months ending 31 July 2021 are:

Chairman                                                                              Laurie Dempster

Vice Chairman                                                                     Mike McDiarmid

Treasurer                                                                             Adrian Ewer

Secretary                                                                              Bill Bruce

Coach                                                                                    Neil Young

Fixture Secretary                                                                Nick Radford

Ground Convenor                                                               Alistair Henderson

CPO & Covid -19 Co-ordinator                                        Ross Dempster

Public Relations Officer                                                    Fraser Maxwell

Captain                                                                                 Edward Munt

Players’ Representative                                                   Geordie Broad